Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Feeling So Organized!

OK, I have a confession.  I am a total procrastinator, and my taxes are no exception.  Almost every year, I file for a *gulp* extension and don't end up having my numbers together until OCTOBER!! I feel guilty every year about it.  This year is going to be different though, because I have it all done today!!

Alas, I cannot take full credit for completing this huge feat--I had a secret weapon.  I cannot thank Holly of Accounting Spot enough for creating her genius Etsy/Ebay accounting software.  No matter how much you sold last year on Etsy, Ebay or both, she makes it a breeze to download and organize your income and expenses in a streamlined and simple fashion, and I LOVE being able to see a clear breakdown and report by month, quarter or year.  I had a quick question and she answered right away.

I love her software so much, that I signed up to be an affiliate!  If you are interested in a copy, please click here to visit Accounting SPOT. 

{{update: looks like Holly has posted all of her downloads for FREE for a limited time.  Scoop 'em up while you can!}}

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Using Feminine Words that Sell

I came across a post that I thought would be really helpful for all of you, especially with Valentine's day right around the corner.  This Copyblogger article discusses how to write copy with "feminine words".  I especially love the examples at the bottom where she changes a plain headline into a feminine one.  Enjoy!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti Earthquake

I am so saddened by the devastation that the people of Haiti have experienced this week.  Having a young child myself, I hurts to even think about the pain and sadness that so many parents and children are going through right now.  I have personally chosen to donate through UNICEF, because I know that their primary focus is children and families.

I will also be donating 100% of the proceeds from sales of my best-selling Etsy success guides from 8PM PST 1/18 - 8PM PST 1/20 to UNICEF USA's relief efforts in Haiti. Thank you for helping me support this important cause.