Friday, October 9, 2009

Cross-promoting your Etsy shop

Wow, you really have to check out this fantastic article. Double Your Marketing with Cross-Promotion is a concisely written how-to guide for increasing your traffic by collaborating with another Etsy seller who shares a similar audience as you. Bonus - the author will help you find someone to partner up with! I highly suggest working on this for your holiday marketing campaigns. Please share with us if you have tried this strategy and how it is working for you!

(Fuchsia Crystal Spiral Necklace by Christine's Beadworks. Thanks Christine!!)

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  1. will have to check out some more...
    i wish more people would use 'stumble upon'.... i throw some of my pages out there, but i don't know if there are too many people 'stubling'?? wish they would tho, it's cool & a good way to throw your page up out there...