Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FREE Etsy Business and Marketing Plan Consult wtih Jordan Moore of Handmade Success

I am a very lucky woman to have met all of you over the past year. I am blown away on a daily basis by your talent, motivation, effort, and most of all by your kindness and mutual support of one another. I am proud to be a part of your community - thank you so much for welcoming me with open arms!

I would love to do more for you and have been searching over the past few months for ways to do this. First, I wrote the free Etsy 30 Minute Social Networking Kit which, judging by the feedback I received, proved to be useful to quite a lot of you. Now, I am so excited to announce that I am launching a consulting service - and to kick it off, I am giving away 5 free sessions!

The Service:
The Handmade Success Consultation is a 30 minute telephone conversation with yours truly. Over the course of the consult, we will review everything and anything related to running your handmade business - your product line, your Etsy shop branding and copy, your marketing efforts, and your advertising strategy. I will listen to your concerns and craft a strategy for you to improve upon each of these areas and give you advice on how to streamline your efforts so you can spend more time creating your product and less time on the computer. We will talk about your goals for this month, this year, and beyond. At the end, I will follow up in writing with a concise marketing plan for you to refer back to. Sound good? The charge for the consultation is normally $75.

The Contest:
To enter to win one of the free consultations, you must respond with a comment to this post describing your biggest frustrations in running your Etsy shop/online business. You will get one (1) extra entry if you blog, tweet or share this contest on Facebook and post the link in the comments.

I will be selecting 5 entries at random to win the free consult. Entries must be received by midnight PST Friday, October 16, 2009 and I will announce the winner on Monday, October 19th. Good luck, and I really can't wait to work with you!


  1. My biggest frustration is getting the traffic I need.

  2. my biggest frustration is getting traffic to my esty store when i sell one of a kind pieces

  3. First I would just like to say: GOOD FOR YOU and being willing to share your success with others!!! Not many people want to do that.

    I have your Etsy Success Kit E-Book and it's wonderful.

    I would have to say that my biggest frustration with running my shop would be getting my products seen by as many people as possible. I work full-time outside of my home and I'm trying to make my ETSY shops (I have 2) succeed, but time management is an issue for me. My kids are grown, so my time is basically my own but there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. Maybe if I didn't sleep, that would help. :) I've read so many things about Etsy and how sellers succeed and it seems like a lot of them only work with their Etsy store and are stay at home parents. I don't have that option, so I need some direction on how to succeed when you have a full time job outside the home.

    Thanks for doing this. It really is very benificial to anyone that purchases it.


  4. My biggest frustration involves online promotion. I've signed up for all sorts of groups to promote my blog and network, but I have yet to come up with a clear concise schedule to make this effective. I'm trying to balance my business with raising my baby and really need to come up with a plan for when I blog and work on the internet and when I work on my craft.

    Now, I'm off to blog about your services! Check it out at SillyCheeks.blogspot.com! :-)

    Congratulations on the new consulting service Jordan! It's very exciting!

  5. getting traffic flow to my blog/website

  6. My biggest problem is getting people to see my photographs and buy them. I can't relist all the time because of the number of products I have.

  7. First of all, thank you for this wonderful opportunity Jordan! It is most kind of you.

    My biggest frustration, well there are two of them...getting traffic into my shop and finding all the time I need to get items made. I will be posting this on my Facebook page.

  8. Jordan, thanks again for another great product! I have many frustrations, but the biggest? LOL. Definitely trying to do it all, I need some kind of a detailed plan that helps me to spend certain amounts of time towards marketing, new designs, photos, web updating, facebook, etc. The problem I have is making the products AND STILL putting into action a plan that gets me FUTURE business as well.......hmmm guess it's time management, what is the best use of my time. AHHHhhhh.
    Thanks again :)
    www.RubyVegas.etsy.com www.RubyVegasDesigns.com

  9. What a great opportunity!

    My shop is very, very new. So maybe I'm not yet qualified to have an opinion, but I think my biggest frustration is getting my target audience to my shop. I seem to get Etsy sellers and fellow crafters there. But while I get good comments from them ('your stuff is so cute'), I can't rely on Etsy sellers or other crafters to be my target audience!

    I find the social networking extremely time consuming and I'm not convinced it's achieving the above.

    Anyway, off to Tweet about this:



  10. My biggest problem seems to be everyone's...getting the traffic/getting noticed. I'm still in the 'beginner' stages and also just don't know what steps I need to take now.

  11. Being a military wife, I find frustration in having to "start all over again" after each and every move. With on-line sites you would think it would be easier as customers can follow you, but some products have to be seen to generate new customers. It takes time to re-introduce your product to a new market and also time to set up your new work space.

    Thanks for doing this. Great tips!

    Debbie McNutt

  12. I am at the point that I have focused in on my product, but need help with pricing, traffic, and questions in general. I'm ready to take another step, but feel I only stumble.

  13. Hi Jordan -

    This is another FABULOUS idea of yours. Gosh, I could really use a free consultation. My biggest struggle is actually not just an Etsy problem - it's time management, as it relates to creating schedules for product development/design; marketing strategies, etc. I've always been a person who made to-do lists in my day-job; but I really struggle working solo and knowing the direction to take sometimes.

    Thanks again for your wonderful resources and help, as always. I was in need of something to blog about - and I will definitely blog today about your new pursuit and giveaway.

  14. LOL - just read some of the above comments - looks like I'm not the only one struggling with PLANNING!

  15. My biggest frustration is turning traffic into sales. I just don't know which avenue is the best in terms of advertising and don't have the time to do every type of online advertising, my craft and take care of my kids. It's a tough balancing act and I know I have to do more but not sure which "more" is best.

  16. My biggest frustration entails two things: Getting traffic to my store AND converting that traffic into sales. So far I've been at it with my blog and fan page, but for some reason, there are little to no purchasing customers! Also, pricing would be good to know... maybe I'm underpricing??? Who knows :)


  17. My biggest frustration is coming up with a good marketing plan that gives me the traffic I need while allowing me time to create. I am not employed right now so I can't afford ads.

  18. My biggest frustration is how to organize my day so that I have time to spend on making my doodads, and then find (or is it) make time to do all of the listing on my Etsy site. Seems that I have so many things here to list, but never have the time to do it.

    Another thing is what sort of keywords should I be using to get "searchers" on Etsy to land in my store as opposed to someone else's store?

  19. I am extremely frustrated with the fact that I cannot drum up enough traffic! I have an ad on Facebook, I Twitter about it, I pass out free buttons and business cards at trade shows, and I talk about it to everybody...even the cashier at the grocery store. What am I doing wrong?

  20. My biggest frustration is getting traffic to my website. I'm stuck at a PR 3 on google, and do not have the funds to advertise very much. I've spent the last 3 months doing little else but social networking (facebook, twitter, ning and more). I have had fewer sales during that time than in previous months/years. It seems I'm moving backward, not forward!

  21. Hi Jordan, thank you so much for bringing that awesome information to all of us and for give us this opportunity...
    Well, I have two shops now, I think my biggest problem is time management and turn most of my traffic into real sales... I need to know the way to make all promotional things in the less time possible in order to have the time to create and improve my products, without limitate my ability to be a good mommy and raise my two great kids :)
    Is there any key?

  22. I have two biggest frustrations: one is the same as everyone elses, and that is getting traffic to my site. The other is 'competing' (not exactly the word I'm looking for) with other makers who create similar objects (but not necessarily similar styles or processes) who underprice their work (imho). Oh, and did I mention photography? So hard to photograph products!

    best of luck to you and thanks!

    kiku handmade
    kikuhandmade.etsy.com and kiku-co.com

  23. I just posted a blurb about the contest on my Facebook page.


  24. Hey Jordan,

    Thanks for this great opportunity! I would have to say that our biggest frustration is that we work our butts of on social networking, blogging, advertising and doing everything all of the "successful" sellers tell us to, we get a good amount of traffic and hearts....but not many actual buyers. We do great in person at craft shows and whatnot, but our online selling is lacking severely.

    I'm going to go Facebook/Twitter this for others to take advantage of.

    Thanks again!
    Stephanie and Chase

  25. Hey Jordan,

    My biggest frustration is pulling traffic into my site. I spend hours promoting on FaceBook, Twitter, CraftJuice, MixxMade, etc and never see much of a traffic increase.

  26. I also posted via twitter!

  27. i have bought one of your kits before...loved it...hope i am one of the five!

  28. Have just started trying to market my handcrafted jewelry online in the past 2 months. Although I do not have an Etsy shop yet, I do have online shops on Artfire, Ecrater and Zibbet as Caty Ann's Creations. I have had over 300 vists to my Artfire shop and over 200 clicks on individual items - but no sales. I have a "Fan Page" on Facebook and a blog with links to all my shops. I am also on several social networking groups on Ning.com.

    Am I just too impatient or are there secrets to marketing that I have yet to learn???

    I welcome all help/advice/constructive criticism....

  29. My biggest frustration is getting the RIGHT traffic to my shops. I want buyers to come in!! I need help! I have done all the things I have learned from you... still not many sales.

  30. I shared this on my blog at:


  31. My biggest frustration is getting traffic to my pages. Would love to have more!

  32. My biggest frustration is people who charge "crafting" prices for their pieces while I need/want to charge what I think the piece is worth, which is usually a lot more.

  33. My biggest frustration is figuring out how to make sales on art. I have tried selling prints, clothing items, and framed originals at rock bottom prices.

  34. Hi Jordan -

    Awesome ideas you have for running an Etsy store and promoting handmade goodies! Just shared with my FB friends your blog.

    Lost my full time day job about a month ago and am going for my dream...creating jewelry full time. So far, everyday is a Saturday, loving life and doing exactly what I want! However, still figuring out how to make a living and paying the bills through my effects of advertising and promoting my Etsy store. Knowing it is all a balancing act (this self employment gig), but how do I clearly define my efforts and if it is the correct avenue to make my business successful. That is my frustration.

    Thank you for all your ideas, suggestions and materials! I keep learning valuable tools every time you post on FB. Most of all it keeps my thoughts continuously turning on how to be a success!

    Rock on Woman!


  35. I posted about the giveaway on my facebook fanpage:


  36. I posted about the giveaway on my twitter:


  37. Thanks for doing this. We could use all the help we can get.

    I'm frustrated at how much time it takes to promote my shop and my traffic isn't increasing. I haven't been able to create new items to put in my shop so if I do increase traffic, the see old items. GRR....

  38. just posted about the giveaway on my blog:


  39. My biggest frustration is that I get a lot of positive feedback when people see my note cards, but I'm not generating a lot of sales. I haven't been open very long, but I could use some advice about how to do better with marketing and closing the sale!


  40. I have a hard time figuring out the best way to sell my one of a kind stuff - I end up with so many listings I lose track, so when I sell a lot of stuff at shows, I've ended up with lots of "dead" listings. Basically, I find it hard to keep organized on Etsy!

  41. Jordan, You already know I think you are awesome and her is yet another great opportunity!

    When it comes to marketing/advertising (I think more so advertising) I am not sure what to do. I have a few ideas, but I feel like I am completely spinning my wheels. I would love to have a solid direction.

    Thanks you SO much for offering this giveaway. VERY cool!

  42. My biggest frustration is getting a sale. I get some views, a few hearts, lots of great comments when I participate in forums or "deals" but still not many purchases.

    Thank you for all the help you provide.

  43. Me again :)
    I blogged about it here:

    Thank you!

  44. My biggest frustration is finding the time to actually make time for my shop. Then the taking pics, writing it up and posting, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love my craft (sewing) but all of these things tend to take away the fun. Oh and I didn't even get around to saying the bookeeping part!!


  45. My biggest frustration definitely involves increasing traffic to my shop. I feel like I'm doing all the right things but views never seem to go up.

  46. There seems to be so much luck involved in getting seen on etsy because of the sheer volume of oversaturation (esp. in the jewelry market). I've researched a lot and implemented techniques, but sometimes when people find me, I'm actually surprised (and grateful) they managed to find my needle in the haystack! So this would be an amazing opportunity.

    I'm reblogging, too:


  47. I posted a link on my FB page. :o)

  48. My biggest frustration is getting traffic to my store and making sales! I have 2 shops and the one I want to focus on isn't doing the business I imagined it would. Any advice would be terrific. I LOVE your Etsy 30 minute Social Networking Kit, it is awesome!

    ps I will tweet, blog and post this on my FB page :)

  49. I would also have to say, the biggest compaint is traffic. I get buried in handbags...just like jewelry. It is very hard to get noticed and increase your sales, it is very hard to keep motivated to keep it going...but I am not going to give up yet!!!
    Thanks for all that you share and inspire! It is much appreciated.

  50. http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=See+It+In+Stitches&init=quick#/pages/Keller-TX/See-It-In-Stitches-Embroidery/57129498682?ref=search&sid=1555273974.1721424410..1

    Biggest frustration - There are so many things I love to embroider and put in my shop - I'd love to work on having a consistent theme with a plan for future growth as defined milestones are met.

  51. I think my biggest frustration is getting people in my shop...marketing and advertising I guess. I have a limited advertising budget, but want to find the right place to advertise, to bring in the people who are buying my products...mostly women...moms...sisters...daughters. I have a lot of competition on Etsy, and I want to know what to do to pull in the sales that some of my competitors are getting.

  52. I tweeted about your contest. My Twitter id is @rioosodesigns.

  53. My biggest frustration is trying to get any sales at all beyond an average of one per quarter.

    I've been busy using all the new 'tricks' I'm learning, but in spite of my shop being unique, and not a 'cookie cutter' operation, my sales are low, low, low.
    I blog, tweet, FB, participate in forums and chats on Etsy....all to no avail.

    There are thousands of jewelry and soap/lotion sellers on Etsy...I am not in direct competition with any of these..I have an eclectic assortment of home decor items, as well as some vintage glasswares.

    Tons of 'views,' several 'hearts' on various items, but translated into 'no sales' means nothing.

    My Twitter is: http://twitter.com/DzyMsLizzy
    FB post is at: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/DzyMsLizzy?ref=name

    Thanks for this opportunity.


  54. HI! What a cool idea. So hmmm my biggest frustration I suppose would be the lack of traffic and time spent on the computer (which of course results in a headache) trying to recruit that needed traffic and not enough time spent on expressing my creativity with the crafts. I end up working on the computer all night and then the moment I lay my head on the pillow to sleep tons of creative thoughts start flowing that I just have to tuck away in some compartment in my brain for later and I'm sure I have forgotten half of them :(
    Anyway, just tweeted the link to this. Best of luck!!

  55. Thank you Jordan for all you do! I have to say my biggest frustration is mastering all the different online marketing techniques that would increase the traffic thru my store. Trying to teach myself and produce my product and manage the Etsy site are keeping me busy and struggling to stay organized and on task!

  56. I'm still pretty new to Etsy and just made my first 2 sales this week. I have one site under my name (LauriJon) and list my different art products under brand names. Recently, the brand that seems to be selling is my Steampunk line of purses and accessories called Stardust Steampunk™. I quickly set up another shop under that name and at some point will begin listing the Steampunk line under that account. Last week I also signed up for my first category showcase, the purse showcase, and was surprised to see how many views I received. I see other shops with similar merchandise (to my newely listed rings) and they seem to be selling more. I guess my biggest frustration is getting traffic to my site and once they are there, incenting them to purchase. Thanks so much for doing this contest. I'll be posting it to my FB & twitter accounts!

  57. Hi and thank you so much

    My biggest frustration is knowing (or not knowing) how to market my site and products efficiently. I have so many compliments on my Jewellery but the sales are slow. I have tried facebook fan page, twitter, Etsy, Misi and my own website where I seem to be getting the most sales from.

    I need help and guidance; I don't know how to efficiently and affectively increase the "traffic" to my store.

    I would appreciate your guidance, I'm lost!

  58. If I could have consultation help I think it would be with how to balance studying how to make my shop better, socializing, and actual creation of product. I feel like I get hyper focused on one for a little while and then the others fall by the wayside. Also I have kiddos so I really need a schedule so I don't spend the whole day letting them watch cartoons while I am on the computer ( like right now lol)So maybe I need a life coach- if you could hook me up with one of those jk. Ok Thanks for your generosity

  59. My biggest frustration is feeling like I don't have enough time in the day to market my business properly and still accomplish what I need to do. Oh and I would love more traffic and SALES!

    I could really use the guidance.

  60. My biggest challenge is getting the word out about our company through marketing!

  61. I would really love a consult as I am just starting out! I think my greatest frustrations are 1) not knowing which website to sell my products on, or if it should be spread across mutliple sites, and 2) how to build a larger (and loyal) customer base through effective marketing.

  62. My biggest frustration is the time it takes to list my items. I wish there was a faster way to upload bulk items that just have different pictures...instead of haveing to do each one...

  63. I would love to know why I'm not getting the traffic. I Twitter, blog, FB, and I'm still not getting results. I have over 800 followers on Twitter and I haven't had 1 single Twitter related sales which floors me and oh yes honey, I tweet, a lot. Lol. I think my items are great, they're priced good, pics are good, but I need to know how to get people into my shop, keep them there, and hopefully turn their visit into a sale. I do great locally which gives me the impression that people like my items and it's not just family or close friends, it's sometimes people I hardly know who saw something on FB and call wanting to buy. I love what I do and I don't do it for the money I do it for enjoyment, but I want others to be able to enjoy what I've made. I would love to get this consultation and find what I'm doing wrong, what needs improving, and overall generate more sales and more traffic. Good luck to everyone!

  64. Where do I begin.I have had 2 sales since opening in August. I know not everyone is interested in my products but I think it is a lack of knowledge on my part that is keeping me from being more successful. I blog and tweet to no avail. I could use help for sure.

  65. I am unsure how to handle custom requests. The beauty of Etsy is that it permits the buyer to request custom items. Working on custom orders - from conversations, to the material collection, to the craft, to photos, to listing, etc. - takes a lot more time than making items on my own. I take the extra time to get the requested materials/colors, etc. My time becomes unpaid at that point, because I don't "charge" more for custom...I think if I did, I would lose business. It's a vicious cycle!

    I would love insight into making custom orders profitable for me and desirable to buyers.


  66. I have had my shop up for over a year and have zero sales. I have tried relisting my photos one a day rather than a bunch at a time to get more views on a daily basis, but still no sales. Honestly I'm lost as to how to market myself. I need to be able to convince all of the browsers of my shop to actually purchase my work. Help!!


  67. Biggest frustration is keeping up with the social media as well as promotion...


  68. I also want to thank you for this and all you info is very helpful, too. My biggest frustration is bringing traffic to my shop, to my blog and keeping up with twitter, facebook and finding fans/friends. I feel overwhelmed. Sometimes it seems I don't have time to actually work in my studio.

    I will post on my blog and twitter


  69. My biggest frustration is navigating all the social networking sites - yikes!!! so time consuming.

  70. Time!! Where does it go? I know we all have the same 24 hours in a day but manageing mine well so that I can accomplish all I wish to seems to be my biggest road block right now! Purchased your guides weeks ago and still haven't found the time to sit down and read and assimilate and integrate....ARGH!

  71. Thanks for another great product and giveaway Jordan!! My biggest frustration is increasing traffic on my Etsy and fb pages beyond my friends and family! I feel like I spend so much time trying to put my new business out there without much reward!

  72. My biggest frustration is my apparent inability to turn lookers into buyers. I love networking, meeting new people, receiving feedback, and giving my two cents. I do receive lots of well wishes and compliments, now I want to sell.



  73. I just posted a link to this contest on Facebook. You can see the link here:

  74. My biggest frustration is that I have no sales. I started up my store on Sept 19, 2009, but I "joined" in April 2008. I have currently 1 feedback. And no sales. I worry that people are looking at those stats and not "trusting" me and my shop and therefore not getting sales. It really is a vicious cycle.

    I posted this on my facebook fan page:

  75. Hello, Jordan
    My biggest frustration is not knowing what to work on first. Your guides are 100%++ helpful. My Etsy store is up and running, I have inventory, but I need traffic. So, do I put my time in taking better photos, adding more inventory, marketing, facebook? What's most important? Am I ready to send out publicity kits? I want to have more inventory, now I'm back to the beginning. Great idea for this contest.

  76. It seems for me as I'm in Etsy longer, the frustrations change. At first I took lousy pictures and had the frustration of figuring out how to make them better. Later, the pictures got better and sales increased. Then, sales took a dive and I had the frustration of figuring out what happened. But, now my biggest frustration is the fact that I'm getting what I consider to be lots of exposure (there are weeks my items are in 7 or more treasuries), but still low sales. Plus, I'd love to be on the Etsy front page, but not sure what to do to get there. I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and right on the edge of success, on the outer fringes of success looking in and frustrated because I can't find the door. I'm sure it's one minor step I'm not doing, or one small window of opportunity I'm unaware of. Can you help me?

  77. I think my biggest frustration is finding customers for my Chalk art. I've only recently began selling my Chalk art paintings and taking custom orders for welcome boards and what-not but I've so far been unsuccessful at finding a customer base. Please help!

    Thank you so much for all the work you've done to help the Etsian community!

    I've shared this with others on my blogger account. http://crafts-project-log.blogspot.com/

  78. Thanks SO much for this opportunity!

    My biggest frustration, like so many have already expressed here, is driving traffic to my shop.

    Selling handmade jewelry is highly competitive. I feel like I'm invisible out there. I'd love to be able to get some traffic without sacrificing all of my family time trying to do it!

  79. I tweeted this
    LCJewel Check out this great opportunity!! http://bit.ly/38HPOS

    Couldn't copy and paste the link tho, had to type it in.

  80. No matter how funky or imaginative, a necklace is still a "necklace," and there are something like 57,574 of those on etsy. That's a lot of other necklaces to compete with!

  81. I have many flustrations. I love creating but struggled with photographing the items. I hate writing descriptions. There are so many theories on what they should contain. There there is getting shop exposure needed to generate sales. I also question how to price things. I spend so much time on all the other stuff that I think it is taking away from my creating time.

  82. I would have to say it's getting traffic. Can't sell if people aren't there to look at it.
    I'm not sure if I'm not selling cause my prices are too high, or if my descriptions are written badly.

    I will link this at www.facebook.com/homespuncrafting

  83. I posted before - but wanted to add to my list of frustrations....

    How do we know if we have our pricing right. I feel like my prices are a little low - but worry that if I jack them up too much I really won't sell anything! When I look at other shops, some products are not as detailed as mine but much higher priced!!!

    So what do I do?

    Thanks! k

  84. My biggest frustration is the daily drowning of my items in the hundreds and hundreds of listing that pile on top of them, it is so hard to get noticed. How do I do it? I'm tweeting, facebooking, blogging, fashion networking, and just about everything in between. So how do I make my networking meaningful and result in sales?? BTW love this blog and always tweeting it - mentioned you in my blog! http://bbsforbabies.wordpress.com

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