Thursday, September 3, 2009

a few announcements

I know that this is a very busy week for lots of us: school is starting, labor day weekend is upon us, etc. I have an exciting giveaway for my readers that I will be saving until after the holiday, so be sure to check back Tuesday for more details on that!

Also, as you can see many of my posts don't have pictures and they feel a bit plain for my taste. I would absolutely love to include your product pictures peppered throughout to spruce things up! Of course, you and your shop will be credited. Send me an email to set it up.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend,


{{update: thanks, Kim of B.B. Bellezza for being the first to volunteer product photos! The Amore Mio necklace is available for sale in her Etsy shop.}}


  1. You can feel free to use any of my photos, if you like! I can't figure out where to find your email address, so I am just leaving a comment.

    my email:

  2. Thanks Kim! I added a link to my email in the post, and I appreciate your offer!